Invitations, and Caterers, and Stress! Oh My!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I've been in several weddings and totally loved helping the bride plan for the big day and choose details for their weddings. From buying bridal magazines, to sending Pinterest inspiration and attending bridal shows and showers, I loved it all. Now that I'm planning my own wedding all I can think about is the stress that comes with planning. Never before did I had to worry about the logistics of feeding 200+ people or deciding on an invitation suite that both Abe and I like. I didn't know about the fees that come with hiring a caterer or understand how hard it is to create a guest list. Everyone tells me to stop stressing but all I can think about is money. Every time I get excited about something I then think about the cost associated with said thing and I don't want to include it anymore. Lush floral bouquets and delicious sounding food? Forget about it...unless you want to break the bank.


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