Let's Get Down to Business!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

So this past week I've had the stomach bug from hell. I've had plenty of time to think about all things wedding, but I'm feeling unmotivated. Do I want to think about catering and how much it costs to feed 200 people? No. Contemplate renting chairs for said 200 people? NO. Do I want to watch a million hours of Friends on Netflix? Yes. Look at wedding dresses in magazines? YES (especially since I have another appointment to try some on this coming Saturday). I've determined that I'm all about deciding on the fun things for the wedding, the serious, scary expensive things...not so much. But alas, I'm about to get the "8 Months to the Big Day" email from The Knot, so it's definitely time to get down to business.

Last weekend, pre stomach bug, my Mom and I got together to register at Target. Target is one of our favorite stores. In fact, when I was in college and feeling particularly stressed, I would head to Target and walk around the store. Just being there brings a feeling of calm to my crazy life. Our engagement party date has been set (February 21) and we have gotten a lot of questions from guests about gifts. No, it's not necessary to bring a gift. Abe and I are excited to have our bridal party and both families start to mingle! Would we turn away a gift if you brought it? Nope.

Abe decided to skip this registering adventure and instead check our list online and add/remove from there. Most wished for thing from this registry? This GoPro camera! If we go somewhere tropical for our honeymoon (we are currently thinking Belize) then the GoPro will be awesome to have with us. I've been to Belize before and the reef is absolutely breathtaking. The crystal clear ocean water isn't too bad either (see below)!

So now I just need to start deciding on the hard things and get the ball moving again! Who knows, maybe hiring a caterer will be less stressful (and more fun) than I think!

Currently Wishing....

Thursday, January 22, 2015

For these chair banners from BHLDN

Get them here!

For this sweet little cake topper from J. Crew (by Alexis Mattox Design)

Find it here!

For THIS flower girl dress from J. Crew (it has an adorable bow on the back)

Find it here!

The Wedding Checklist Revisited

Monday, January 19, 2015

Here is an update on the wedding checklist that I compiled a few months ago!
  1. Announce engagement
  2. Pick a date
  3. Set a budget
  4. Decide on a venue
  5. Choose bridal party
  6. Collect pictures of dresses I like
  7. Create guest list
  8. Decide on wedding style/colors
  9. Contract photographer
  10. Order engagement party invites
  11. Plan engagement party (working on)
  12. Hire caterer
  13. Figure out alcohol situation
  14. Book party rentals (tent, tables/chairs, etc..)
  15. Select officiant
  16. Choose florist/meet with to determine vision
  17. Select musicians for ceremony and reception
  18. Engagement photos
  19. Throw engagement party in Cynthiana
  20. Decide on dress/veil and purchase
  21. Decide on shoes and purchase
  22. Choose bridesmaids dresses and order them
  23. Look for honeymoon destinations
  24. Compile list of names and addresses for invitations
  25. Register for gifts
  26. Launch wedding website
  27. Send save the dates
  28. Find hotel for out of town guests/block rooms
  29. Choose attire for Abe and groomsmen
  30. Book honeymoon
  31. Choose transportation for wedding day
  32. Figure out where bridal party will get ready day of
  33. Cake tasting/select cake
  34. Finalize guest list
  35. Choose all invitations, thank you notes, etc and order them
  36. Order return address stamp from Etsy
  37. Plan rehearsal dinner/ book venue
  38. Plan bridesmaids luncheon with Mom
  39. Find info on marriage licenses
  40. Meet with officiant and review vows
  41. Choose any poems/music that will happen during the ceremony 
  42. Make a list of people giving toasts 
  43. Meet with photographer and discuss shots and locations
  44. Purchase gifts for attendants
  45. Purchase gift for Abe
  46. Guestbook (?)
  47. Verify accommodations for out of town guests
  48. Order wedding favors
  49. Select wedding bands
  50. Purchase any accessories for wedding day (yay statement necklaces!) 
    • Something old
    • Something new
    • Something borrowed
    • Something blue
    • Something monogrammed
  51. Send invitations (two months prior to date)
  52. Complete menu with caterer
  53. Make appointment for trial of wedding day hair
  54. Send wedding announcement to local newspapers
  55. Schedule alterations for me and bridal party
  56. Schedule appointments for hair treatments 
  57. Confirm all orders with each vendor
  58. Schedule final gown fitting
  59. Make welcome baskets for out of town guests
  60. Gather up gratuities for vendors 
  61. Make wedding day emergency kit
  62. Start breaking in shoes
  63. Print menu cards/table cards/programs
  64. Bachelorette party!
  65. Have showers
  66. Bury the bourbon (1 month prior to the date/time of wedding)
  67. Bridesmaids luncheon/get mani/pedis
  68. Distribute timeline/contacts to family/vendors
Yay for getting things done!

In other news, I attended a friends first bridal shower yesterday! I used to work with Jess and have been friends with her for several years. We played lots of fun games and ate some yummy food, then Jess opened her awesome gifts (not gonna lie, Lindy and I got some pretty good ideas for my own shower that will happen later this year)! I can't wait to see her and Taylor get married in July!

The beautiful Bride to be!

Kendall, Lindy and I in the diy photo booth! 

A Fun Weekend In Lexington and a Bridal Show!

Friday, January 16, 2015

This past weekend Abe and I went to Lexington to see some friends and attend an office party (that was thrown by the office I used to work for). We had such a fun time hanging out with our friends, many of whom we haven't seen since we got engaged. We had a yummy dinner (complete with a delicious cake that Lindy made for us), then played a few games, had a dance party, and then went downtown to a bar called Belle's.

"She Said Yes" cake!

My MOH is the most best MOH

The next day my mom, Lindy and I came back to Louisville to attend a wedding show. We walked around to each booth and got lots of good information on local vendors. I was on the lookout for all caterers (must have delicious food), rental companies (gotta find a tent) and music for both the ceremony and reception (keep the party goin'). I felt so special with my bride sicker on my sweater. Everyone was congratulating me and asking about details for the big day, so fun!

We didn't win any prizes, but a really nice lady gave me these beautiful flowers!

Photo booth fun!

So many brochures!

After several hours I had met a rental company (that we had previously gotten a wonderful recommendation from), found caterers I DIDN'T want to use, scheduled another appointment to try on gowns, and eaten way too much cake. My mom was super excited because we found a wonderful string instrument group that could play at our ceremony. All in all, it was a really great wedding centered day. Now I just need to make time to sit down and go through all the information that we collected and then start making appointments with vendors we are interested in.

How I Asked My Maids

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

After I decided on the 5 girls that I wanted to be in our wedding, it was time to start brainstorming ideas for cute and thoughtful ways to pop the question! My mom had given me some "Will you be my _____" cards from Ashley Brooke Designs about 3 years ago that I had been hoarding away, and I was so excited to pull them out and use them!

In addition to the cards, I got each girl a mini bottle of champagne, a straw, a swatch of ribbon in the colors of our wedding and a ring pop. I tied the ribbon around the champagne and put all of the gifts in a little Chinese take out box!

I then met up with each girl individually and told them how important they were to me and then asked them to not plan anything on October 3, 2015! They all said yes and I couldn't be more happy! 

Now it's time to start investigating fabric colors and types for the bridesmaids dresses. I requested a few swatches from J. Crew so I could see how the navy compares to the image in my mind about what I would like them to wear. I know I want them all in the same dress and I'm thinking short dresses as opposed to long since it could still be very hot in early October. 

This past weekend was a really fun and I'll be sure to blog about it in my next post! I'm checking things off my to-do list and it feels really great to get things done! 

And for those fellow cat lovers out there, here is an outtake of Olive (my kitty) helping me take pictures :)

9 Months To Go and Winter Engagement Photos!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Another month down...another month closer to the big day!

According to The Knot, here is what we have got to do in January:

Book officiant*
Find and meet caterers and then book one*
Take engagement photos*
Block out hotel rooms*
Find a florist
Finalize our guest list
Save more photos of cakes, flowers and hairstyles
Find band/DJ 
Look at stationary designs 
Save photos of bridesmaids dresses 
Try on more dresses 
Look at honeymoon locations

(* = These are all from last month, oops)

Recently I've been kept up at night by the stress of engagement photos. When will we take them? What will we wear? Will it SNOW?!?! If we take them in January will that be enough time to get them back and choose one for our save the dates before we are supposed to send them out (The Knot told me this needs to be in February, but that seems a little early to me)?

My brain goes into overdrive every time I start thinking about these photos. In my spare time, I've been perusing Pinterest and I've found some amazingly beautiful photos.

Now Abe and I just need adorable winter hats, snow and a cozy blanket.