Three Months...say what?!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Another month...another list.

This months to dos include: 

Plan rehearsal dinner and decide on menu (I seriously need to get on this...)*

Plan day after brunch*
Shop for gifts for wedding party*
Research marriage license requirements*
Book hotel room for wedding night*
Get transportation for bridal party to wedding*
Order shuttles for guests staying at hotel*
Schedule beauty treatments*
Meet with officiant to plan ceremony
See sample centerpiece from florist/have a meeting with florist to discuss everything
Choose table linens
Make sure rentals are in order
Buy wedding rings (halfway done)
Start choosing songs for DJ and compile a DO NOT play list
Choose favors
Buy accessories for Abe
Find dresses for showers/rehearsal (showers are taken care of)
Check registries
Contact newspapers for guidelines about wedding announcements
Make dress fitting appointments (DONE)
Choose gifts for shower hostesses
Schedule food tasting for final menu (six to eight weeks pre wedding)
Finalize guest list (Pretty much DONE)
Weigh one complete invitation and choose stamps
Stuff wedding invitations
Rehearsal dinner invitations
Day after brunch invitations
Schedule rehearsal time and rehearsal dinner time
Decide on all special songs
Think about vows
Dance lessons (?)
Discuss when to start photography with Bella Grace
Book photo booth

(*these are from last month, oops)

Good grief. Better get on things...

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