an iPhone wedding recap: the day before edition

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hey y'all! It sure is hard coming back from honeymoon bliss and being forced back into working 40 hours a week. Abe and I soak up every second of time off that we get and have been trying to do fall activities we may have missed before the wedding (we still have pumpkins on our porch that we need to carve, turkey carvings anyone?).

Now I'm forcing myself to sit down and write about the wedding weekend so that I don't forget too many details! Today I wanted to write about the rehearsal day. That day, our friends and families were coming into town and we woke up to pouring rain. The weekend of our wedding Hurricane Joaquin was making landfall and traveling up the east coast. My mom was doing her best to keep my spirits high (buying cute rain boots and stocking up on umbrellas/adding walls to our tent) and that afternoon we had a bridal luncheon planned to honor all my sweet bridesmaids. I found Poofy Prints on Etsy and had an adorable invitation made!

We had a wonderful lunch at a local restaurant and I bought a charm pull cake for dessert! 

After our lunch we headed to the nail salon to get our toes and fingers done! We sat in the massage nail chairs and watched it pour rain outside. It was so stressful. Even though I knew at the end of the day Abe and I would be married and everything would be wonderful and amazing, at that moment I could only focus on the rain. People wanted answers about where to park cars and whether we should get married under the tent or not. It was overwhelming. Luckily I had my wedding planners to answer most questions and my Dad worked his booty off to make sure everything was perfect. 

An hour later we headed to the farm to work on the rehearsal dinner. We had planned on having the dinner under our already set up tent with some red and white tablecloths and simple flowers (we were going for a laid back BBQ). Our bridal party arrived and we decided to go ahead with a very very quick rehearsal outside. We walked down the aisle in our boots with rain jackets and umbrellas. 

Photos stolen from my sweet wedding planners, The Louisville Belles!

After our rainy rehearsal run through we went inside to prep for the dinner. I made the last minute decision to move our dinner inside the house instead of under the tent (in the cold rain). Luckily we have the best bridal party and they were able to help me move tables and chairs and put down tablecloths. Our families started arriving and we had a cozy dinner inside the house with a fire in the fireplace and the sound of rain falling outside. We had previously decided to have our Best Man and Maid of Honor toasts at the rehearsal to allow the party to keep going on the actual wedding day. Lindy and Logan did amazing jobs. We gathered everyone in the living room and listened as Lindy read a poem she had written and Logan reminisced on our college years.


Even though we were all scrunched in the house, it made it more special and more fun because it was just like having one big giant family in the house again (just like when my grandparents were alive).

After everyone headed home, my bridesmaids and I went upstairs for a pre wedding slumber party!

In my next post I'll show y'all some iPhone photos of the wedding (until we get our professional photos from Bella Grace)!

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