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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Although we are only a little over one week into our engagement, wedding planning is in full swing!

Abe and I knew we wanted to get married and my Granddad's farm long before he asked me to marry him. It's a beautiful piece of land and it'll mean a lot to my family to have a wedding there! Since we knew that is where we wanted to get married, setting a date was the next step. We were able to choose a time of year that was best for us instead of choosing a date around when a venue had availability. With that said, we have deiced that our wedding date will be October 3, 2015! It feels very strange (but also exciting) to have an actual date set and marked on the calendar. Now we just need to visit my Granddad and confirm that it's ok to have a wedding on the property, but I don't think that'll be an issue!

In other news, my mom and I went to Macy's earlier this week and discovered they were having a Sip and Scan event for registering. Even though we are still pretty early on in planning, I immediately RSVP'd (yes, I was very very excited about this part). This event would give me one on one attention with an employee, which would be awesome and a lot less stressful! Also my mom encouraged us to go on and register for some things since she wants to throw us an engagement party soon! So today, Abe, my mom and I went to Macy's and met with the nicest employee! She got us signed up and set us loose in the store with a scanner.

We had a lot of fun walking around and selecting things to put on our registry (even Abe!). Even though we still need to add a lot of things to the list, I'm not too worried since we have lots of time!  

In organizing news, mom and I picked up a wedding planner from the bookstore and I've started filling it out and reading their recommendations. We have a lot to do over the next 11 months, but I'm sure we will get it all planned and ready!

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