We're Engaged!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

After blogging my way through Spain in 2013, I decided when another exciting adventure presented itself, I would consider blogging again. Well my friends, the ultimate exciting thing HAS happened. On October 31, 2014 (yes you read that correctly, Halloween) Abe asked me to marry him!

The week leading up to the big question I became suspicious. In October, Louisville puts on its pumpkin spectacular. Abe knew I wanted to go and he suggested that we go Halloween night. He also knew we had a Halloween party later that night and that I wanted to stay home and hand out candy, but he was insistent that we go. That day, I woke up and checked the weather for that night only to find that it was forecast to be cold, rainy, and maybe even a bit snowy. I doubled checked that he did in fact want to go that night, and he informed me that the tickets had already been purchased. It was settled. We were going.

He came home from work and we got ready for dinner. Normally before a party Abe and I pick up Chipotle and have a few pre party drinks at our apartment. This night, he told me that he wanted to take me somewhere special, specifically a new wine bar down the street called Louvino. We arrived, ordered our wine flights, and enjoyed some delicious supper.

After a few more glasses of wine, we decided that it was dark enough to head to the spectacular. We had been warned that there would be long lines, but were pleasantly surprised to find only a few others had braved the weather to see the pumpkins. Spectacular doesn't even begin to describe what we saw in the park. There were over 5,000 carved pumpkins glowing in the dark, strategically placed along a trail through a portion of the park. We were in awe (even though it was freezing and starting to rain).

I had a feeling this night was going to be special, but after we made our way through the park and back to the car, I began to doubt myself. Maybe my gut was wrong, maybe he would pop the question around Christmastime. We drove back home to get ready for the party. When we arrived, Abe had me go in the apartment first. I turned on the light to go up our stairs and he immediately turned it off again. It was then that I noticed the pumpkin at the top of the stairs shaped like an arrow. I slowly walked up the stairs and peeked into our glowing dining room...there in our home he had created our own pumpkin spectacular. Abe had carved "Will you marry me?" along with a Camino shell into pumpkins. He led me into the room and I immediately teared up...it was here, the day I had been waiting for. He dropped to his knee, said some very sweet things (all the while I kept saying "You're crazy! Oh my gosh!"), and then asked "Anna Katherine Rush, will you marry me?" and of course I said yes!

I then found out that our friends Logan and Emily had come to the apartment and set up the pumpkins and then hid in our living room to take photos of us after he popped the question (such a good surprise!). 

Turns out the night before when Abe went to Logan's to "watch football" he had enlisted his friends to carve all of the pumpkins!

After the shock had slightly subsided, we began calling family and friends. It was so fun and so exciting to spread the word! When everyone was called and texted, we got dressed in our Halloween costumes and headed to our party. Everyone there already knew that Abe was planning on asking that night, and they were so excited for us! 

This year we went as the Tooth Fairy and a little boy who lost his tooth!

We celebrated late into the night with champagne and scary Halloween movies! 

Now the wedding planning is in full force...I've stocked up on wedding magazines and am scouring the web for advice and inspiration! The next year is going to be so exciting and fun! I can not wait to begin this next step in my life with my best friend! 

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