Our Engagement Party

Monday, February 23, 2015

This past weekend we headed to my parents house to celebrate our engagement with our families and members of the bridal party. My mom and I had been planning this party for several months and I was so excited that the date had arrived. When we planned the party, we knew it would have to be in the winter and that the weather could potentially be crap. Kentucky has had almost no snow this winter, but the week leading up to the party we got a ton of snow (10+ inches). The day of the party had the potential to be another huge snow storm, but it warmed up and rained a ton. So imagine 10 inches of snow on the ground and rain pouring on top of that. It wasn't pretty... Some of our guests couldn't make it to the party (due to the crazy weather), but we decided to go ahead and not reschedule since we had spent so much time planning.

We got our invitations from Minted and both my Mom and I were so impressed. Not only did the invitation come out perfect, we also used their free addressing option and saved tons of time.

Mom let me choose the decor and I loved how it all came together!

When life gives you snow, use it to chill your champagne.

We went with navy tablecloths and a little burlap runner. I knew I wanted bright spring flowers since it had been so yucky outside and our florist did a wonderful job! The little bunting above the bar and in the hutch had photos of us throughout our relationship (we also put extra photos on the tables). I had a fun time looking back through iPhoto at the thousands of pictures that I have from our college years. I also scattered Engagement MadLibs around on tables for people to fill out, which provided us with lots laughs when read aloud later.

After our guests arrived we allowed them to mingle and have a drink before my Dad gave a toast and we all had a glass of champagne (the perfect way to start the evening)! We then had dinner (that my mom had catered) and watched the Cats whoop Auburn. The bourbon continued to flow and as the night went on the boys got into some competitive rounds of ping pong. All in all it was a wonderful night. It allowed our families to get to know each other better and spend time in a relaxed environment. Now for (even more of) a photo dump :)

Lindy, Megan and I!
I'm gaining a lot of brothers-in-law and one sweet little sister-in-law!
Three of my five Maids!
Abe's little sister (Amanda) is going to be our flower girl!
Abe and I with his Mom
Abe and I with my Momma
My Dad and I
Abe and three of his five Groomsmen

On a totally unrelated note, we should get back our engagement photos by the middle of this week! I can't wait to see them!! 


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