The Gown Search Continues...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This past weekend I went with my Mom and MOH to a bridal shop called Bridal Warehouse. Unlike our experience at Twirl, Bridal Warehouse was a very large room with tons of dresses everywhere. Being a Saturday there were a lot of other brides there and it was kind of difficult to get our appointment started. However, after we met my consultant we felt much more at ease. She was around and helpful without being overbearing. She worked with several other brides in addition to our group, however I never felt like she was abandoning us to work with others. My goal at this appointment was to try on a lot of dresses and narrow down a style I liked.

My Mom loaded down with potential dresses

I tried on about 15 dresses with the help of my MOH, Lindy!

Most of the dresses I put on were immediate no's. I did try on one mermaid dress that made me look amazing. I had no idea my waist could look that teeny tiny until I put that dress on! I also tried on one ballgown that Lindy chose. It was probably the biggest dress I've ever put on my body. The tulle skirt was totally beautiful but the beaded bodice? Not so much.

Me in the biggest ballgown ever...and Lindy cracking up at my face.

After so many dresses, I was finally determining that I really liked natural waisted dresses, especially if they had a corset on the inside. I liked a little poof, but not too much. I was also starting to like lace. The consultant brought another round of dresses and I vetoed many of them. Then we saw one that Lindy said I should just try on (you never know until you put it on your body). When Lindy zipped me up and I turned around she instantly smiled. I walked out and my mom started to tear up. I rushed over to the mirror to see what they were seeing but all I saw was a pretty, very bridal dress. I couldn't see why they were getting so emotional! I liked the dress but wasn't totally in love. I strutted around the shop checking myself out in every mirror, but I still wasn't feeling the emotional connection. They put a veil on me and more tears ensued. I knew I wouldn't say yes unless I really loved something. I wanted to try on dresses and sleep on any decision before putting down a we left. I didn't want to try on any more gowns. I wanted to keep that memory of seeing my Mom and Lindy cry and that feeling of "this could be something" in my mind. I came home and sat on my couch and felt guilty about not totally loving the dress.

I know it's important for ME to love the dress, since I'll be wearing it. So I've made another appointment with a bridal shop called The Couture Closet. I have a strong feeling that I'll find THE dress there, but you never know!

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