Sweating For The Wedding

Monday, March 16, 2015

Since about October (pre engagement) I've been going to the gym to work on getting back into shape. From middle school to my senior year in college I was a distance runner. In the fall I ran 5ks with the cross country team and in the spring I'd switch to 800 M and 1600 M races on the track. I was always in awesome shape growing up but after I graduated from Transy I slacked off. Now that I have a wedding about 6 and a half months from now I've kicked up the training a notch.

I've slowly been increasing my mileage and last week I was able to finally run 3 consecutive miles without stopping. The weather has been improving here in Kentucky and Abe and I have been able to run outside. Luckily we have an awesome (and hilly) park within half a mile of our house!

In addition to running, I've been going to the YMCA and lifting weights. Usually my week looks something like this:

Monday: RUN 3 Miles and LIFT Arms

Wednesday: RUN 3 Miles and LIFT Legs

Friday: RUN 3 Miles and LIFT Back/Abs

If I'm feeling particularly excited about working out I'll add in some planks after I run and before I stretch.

So from now until October I'll be continuing my workout plan!

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