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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's been cold, windy, and snowy in Kentucky lately. Warm soup, hot coffee, and lots of blankets are necessary. When we aren't working, Abe, Olive and I are curled up on the couch watching The Americans and Friends re-runs. Basically we have become:

All of the freezing temps have prompted us to start looking at honeymoon destinations. As I mentioned previously we are currently looking at the Caribbean, specifically Belize. We have been looking at all inclusive resorts on the coast or on one of the many Cay's that are in Belize. Our most favorite thus far has been Coco Plum Cay. It's located off the coast near Dangriga (you have to take a plane from Belize City to Dangriga then take a boat 30 minutes to the island). It's all inclusive, meaning the cost includes food, activities (we would get 3 snorkeling trips and 2 mainland trips) and all local alcohol (as Abe said, "They will rue the day they decided to give us unlimited alcohol").

When we first contacted Coco Plum they had availability, but that was in December and we weren't quite ready to book anything. When I contacted them again earlier this month they said that they were no longer available the week after our wedding. I was so so upset. Not only is the price right with this place, the scenery is also jaw dropping-ly beautiful. We scoured the internet for other options, but nothing seemed as good as Coco Plum. I asked if they had cancelations often and was told that sadly someone had booked the entire island for the week (UM WHAT?!).

Earlier this week we found out that the person had canceled and that they now had and opening for us! Abe and I could not be more happy. We will be leaving the Monday after our wedding (that way we can rest and get organized on Sunday). Now we just have to patiently wait for about seven more months!

Check out Coco Plum's website for more beautiful photos of the island!

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