Five on Friday

Friday, May 29, 2015

It's finally the weekend and I have absolutely no idea where the past week went.  I'm feeling slightly at a loss for what to blog about so I decided to do something slightly different today and join a link up with A. Liz Adventures!

So here we five on Friday!

1. My little cousin Stephanie's wedding is tomorrow and I can't wait! Stephanie is such a sweet, caring girl and I'm sure she and Cody will have a lifetime of happiness! 

Here are Stephanie, Whitney and I at a cousins wedding lonnnnng ago!
And now here she is! All grown up with her beautiful little family!

2. Abe and I finished registering at Target last weekend (thank goodness)! We still need to finish our Macy's registry, but we can only tackle on thing at at time.

 Abe was clearly pumped to be at Target...but eventually he got into using the gun! 
(I removed that sea urchin as soon as I got that gun back)

3. My dad's birthday was this past Monday and I was finally able to give him his gift today! I painted him this cooler to take to the beach in July. When we went to the beach several years ago he started calling his cooler "The Tackle Box" and this year I decided to make it official! I want to write a more detailed post on how to create a painted cooler of your own when I'm totally done with it!

4. I've started looking for someone to do my hair on the wedding day and I'm finding the whole process very confusing and stressful. I fell in love with a local girl because her Instagram is amazing, but she is WAY out of my price range. So the search continues! Wish me luck!

5. Can't think of anything else so here's a picture of my precious nephew (he learned to clap)!

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