Five Years Post Grad

Friday, May 1, 2015

Last weekend Abe and I headed to Lexington for my five year college reunion. How it's been five years since this.....

NO idea!

I'll never forget that day because its the only time I've ever slept through my alarm (which is why my hair looks like a #hotmess). Luckily my sister knew something in the universe was off and she called and woke me up. I shot out of bed and had a mild panic attack before showing up to my graduation breakfast with the family.

I had so much fun reuniting with fellow members of the class of 2010. We were able to spend time on campus and go out to a bar together.

On the Fraternity hall one last time before it's torn down this summer :(

Everyone was making fun of my half tuck (luckily Ben untucked to show his solidarity)!

It was so nice to be in Lexington for the day and see so many people! I miss Transylvania so much. The four years I spent there were some of the best of my life thus far! Thanks to my experiences there I was able to become the person I am today!

Happy Derby weekend friends! I'll be betting on ponies, drinking Pimms cups, and having tons of fun with my family out on the farm!

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