Pinterest Roundup : Chalkboards

Friday, June 12, 2015

When I attended my little cousins wedding a few weekends ago I noticed that she had some adorable chalkboard signs throughout her reception and I totally fell in love.

(Photo stolen from my cousin's Insta)
Since then I've been searching Pinterest for lots of ideas on how I can incorporate cute chalkboard signs into my own wedding.

I LOVE when they are used in lieu of a program (in my opinion just a waste of paper). 

I also totally love when they are decorated with beautiful flowers (and used to encourage Instagramming).

Pinterest has also been super helpful for finding ideas on how to save money when using chalkboards in a wedding! For instance, purchasing this chalkboard easel from Ikea and painting it white (see below). There are also many tutorials on how to turn a piece of wood into a chalkboard of any size (check here for a good one).

What do you think about using chalkboards for wedding decor? 

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