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Sunday, August 23, 2015

A few weekends ago I had my first bridal shower! It was thrown by my wonderful Maid of Honor and she did an absolutely fabulous job. About a month before the shower she sent out invitations that she had handmade. Not only were they totally adorable, they also came in an envelope filled with confetti that fell out when you opened it (nothing is better than snail mail with confetti)!

Lindy had planned lots of surprises for me, from the photo booth to the cactus cupcakes, everything was PERFECT (she seriously needs to go in the party planning business).

This shower was for my close friends and a few of my Mom's sisters. We had a taco bar for dinner and plenty of margaritas and fuzzy worm shots to go around! After dinner we played a few really funny games and I got to take a swing at a piƱata filled with ring pops and Fireball whiskey. After all the pre-planned activities, we danced the night away on the patio with glow sticks.

Hostess with the mostest
Some of my sweet bridesmaids who were able to make it! (Missed you Amanda and Megan)

Both Lindy and I don't particularly love being the center of attention so she didn't want me to sit down and open gifts in front of everyone (and feel uncomfortable). Instead I opened gifts at the very end of the night with the guests who remained. It turned out to be much more fun opening serving and bakeware and yelling "YAY, LOAF PAN" "OH MY GOSH, DISHES"!!

All in all this was such a fun and wonderful time with some of my best friends. I couldn't have asked for a better shower or a better MOH.

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