an update on the two month to dos

Monday, August 24, 2015

An update on this months to dos, since we are so close to the end of the month and there are so many things to do! 

Plan day after brunch
Shop for gifts for wedding party
Research marriage license requirements
Book hotel room for wedding night
Get transportation for bridal party to wedding
Order shuttles for guests staying at hotel
Schedule beauty treatments
Meet with officiant to plan ceremony
See sample centerpiece from florist/have a meeting with florist to discuss everything
Buy wedding rings (halfway done)
Buy accessories for Abe
Find dress for rehearsal
Contact newspapers for guidelines about wedding announcements
Choose gifts for shower hostesses
Schedule food tasting for final menu (six to eight weeks pre wedding)
Day after brunch invitations
Decide on all special songs
Think about vows
Have final address list for invitations
Mail wedding invitations/rehearsal dinner invitations
Choose seating cards
Order table numbers
Break in wedding shoes
Plan welcome gifts
Finalize honeymoon
Draft schedule of events for wedding weekend
Draft a shot list for photographer
Choose ceremony readings
Update master guest list as RSVPs come in (working on)
Write thank yous (NEED TO DO THIS)
Meeting with all vendors for a two month till checkup:
-Hair girls
-Ceremony musicians 

The sheer amount of things we need to get done in the coming days is a bit mind boggling and makes me feel like Ollie (DERP). But hey Y'all only 42 (actually 39, this was taken this past weekend) days until the BIG DAY!


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