Tuesday, September 22, 2015

With less than two weeks till the big day Abe and I are definitely feeling the pre-wedding stress. Every day we have off in the next few days is devoted to wedding meetings/wedding prep/work on the farm. To say we need our honeymoon is an understatement (give me all the margs on the beach). Luckily there has also been some fun and exciting events to keep our spirits up and not totally focused on how the flowers will turn out and if the DJ will keep the party going (thinking about these details keeps me up at night).

I hope to get some blogging done between now and next Saturday and update you all on my bachelorette party and monograms and mimosas shower!

Until then I leave you with a picture of my adorable nephew shopping for ring bearer shoes!

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  1. You're so close! And your ring bearer (and his shoes) are too cute. :)

    -Jen @ 500daysofengagement.net