Let's Get Down to Business!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

So this past week I've had the stomach bug from hell. I've had plenty of time to think about all things wedding, but I'm feeling unmotivated. Do I want to think about catering and how much it costs to feed 200 people? No. Contemplate renting chairs for said 200 people? NO. Do I want to watch a million hours of Friends on Netflix? Yes. Look at wedding dresses in magazines? YES (especially since I have another appointment to try some on this coming Saturday). I've determined that I'm all about deciding on the fun things for the wedding, the serious, scary expensive things...not so much. But alas, I'm about to get the "8 Months to the Big Day" email from The Knot, so it's definitely time to get down to business.

Last weekend, pre stomach bug, my Mom and I got together to register at Target. Target is one of our favorite stores. In fact, when I was in college and feeling particularly stressed, I would head to Target and walk around the store. Just being there brings a feeling of calm to my crazy life. Our engagement party date has been set (February 21) and we have gotten a lot of questions from guests about gifts. No, it's not necessary to bring a gift. Abe and I are excited to have our bridal party and both families start to mingle! Would we turn away a gift if you brought it? Nope.

Abe decided to skip this registering adventure and instead check our list online and add/remove from there. Most wished for thing from this registry? This GoPro camera! If we go somewhere tropical for our honeymoon (we are currently thinking Belize) then the GoPro will be awesome to have with us. I've been to Belize before and the reef is absolutely breathtaking. The crystal clear ocean water isn't too bad either (see below)!

So now I just need to start deciding on the hard things and get the ball moving again! Who knows, maybe hiring a caterer will be less stressful (and more fun) than I think!

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