Go DJ. That's my DJ.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

When we began our planning, Abe and I already knew we wanted to have a DJ at our reception instead of a band. Nothing against bands and cover songs, but we wanted more than just people who play songs. We need someone who will read the crowd and keep the party going (without being cheesy and annoying...cupid shuffle four times in a row? No thanks.) Now we are in the stage of planning where finding our DJ is imperative.

Last night we met with a potential DJ. He really seemed to get our vision for the reception (being fun, upbeat, and a party atmosphere are all requirements). He also seemed to understand that we didn't want a DJ who interacted with the crowd by telling weird jokes or playing all of one specific genre of music (we like diversity in our music selection!). 

One issue both Abe and I are having is with the lighting that is almost always included with DJ packages. We know our tent will have beautiful bistro lights, but do we want disco balls and lasers? HECK NO. So the question becomes do you need special lighting to "set the mood" for the reception or can we just get away with our little lights in the tent? And then on another level, do we need additional lights from the rental company to make our tent special after dark? These are the things no one ever thinks about when thinking about getting married. These little questions that come up are essential for completing the overall look to the wedding, but who wants to think about lighting when theres cake to be tasted and dresses to be tried on?

This is what we want....

But do we need this...

Or this?

Thoughts anyone?

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