Only SIX Months Left!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Today marks six months to the date of our wedding! 

This months to-dos:

Book Florist (we found one we like but want to visit one more before deciding)*
Find DJ and book one*
Send Save the Dates (they should be delivered in the next few days)*
Choose bridesmaids dresses*
Plan rehearsal dinner/find location*
Start on the registry
Think about day after brunch (do we want to have one?)
Music for cocktail hour
Hire day of wedding planner (DONE! And I'm super happy with my decision

(*these are from last month, oops)

Obviously we are still behind...can't ever be caught up on to-dos (haha).

In other news, this past week Abe and I finally rounded up all of our guests addresses (what a pain) and we ordered our Save the Dates! We found a design on Minted that we both loved and personalized it with a few of our most loved engagement photos.

Celebratory Comfy Cow after ordering our Save the Dates!

My mom and I went to Macy's and she was able to get some of the Fiestaware that we had previously registered for on a super sale. I printed off our registry and couldn't stop laughing at how long it was!

Our registry is as tall as me!

We have lots to do this month but since we have hired a day of coordination duo I'm feeling much more relaxed about the whole thing. They have already helped me so much!

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  1. Every step is taking you closer to what will be the most special day of your life. Thank you for sharing with us how the planning process is going. Are you planning to have a wedding video?