The Great Cake Debate

Monday, April 6, 2015

Now that we are at the six months and counting mark it's time to start thinking about the type of cake we would like at our wedding. I've been a big fan of naked wedding cakes throughout the planning process but Abe isn't totally into them. The drawback with these cakes is that they look amazing when all the layers match in color, so having more than one flavor is kind of out.

The other option is a classic cake with beautiful white buttercream icing and flowers. Abe likes this option because it would allow us to have several different flavors...and who doesn't like more icing? I especially like the cakes with adorable little polka dots and maybe a monogram!

Our baker can do either type of cake so really the decision is up to us! Now just to decide which we like the most. Either way we will have a delicious cake on a beautiful cake stand (like the ones below from BHLDN) at our wedding!

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