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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lets get some shoes!

Anyone still get that reference (haha)? So today is all about shoes. My dress should be delivered to The Couture Closet around May/June and I start fittings in July. When I go to my fittings, I'm supposed to have my wedding shoes with me so they can determine the correct length for my dress. I know I want to wear some kind of flat shoe but I'm not exactly sure what I want.

Option One!

Jacks. Until earlier today (when I saw them on The College Prepster's blog) I totally forgot I could get monogrammed Jack Rogers.


They have a navy and white version that I love (and that would work perfectly with my wedding color scheme) and how cute would it be to get my new monogram on them?!


Option Two!

Some kind of Kate Spade flat.

Cute. Sparkly. Bow! Technically slippers? Not so sure.

Option Three!

Something I haven't thought of...I know I've only got a few options going thus far so I've got to keep searching the internet.

Recommendations anyone?

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